We Design Today for Tomorrow’s Communities

Hayden Consultants is a Dallas-based engineering partner serving public
agencies and private industry, specializing in civil and transportation engineering design services for projects in North Texas, statewide and in the surrounding states. In October 2018, Hayden Consultants became part of GEI Consultants, a consulting engineering and environmental firm with more than 800 staff and 40 offices nationwide.

Founded in 2000, Hayden Consultants has earned a reputation as the go-to firm for design of complex street reconstruction, highways and tollways, water resources, rail and transit facilities, and Low Impact Development (LID) and sustainable design practices. Our clients come back to us again and again to take advantage of our problem-solving expertise in transportation, water and wastewater design, subsurface utility engineering (SUE) and utility coordination, survey, site development, and construction engineering and inspection.

Beyond delivering exceptional engineering solutions for projects, we build lasting client relationships. In addition to private industry clients, our partnerships include Dallas Area Rapid Transit, Trinity Metro, the Texas Department of Transportation, DFW Airport and various municipalities and public agencies in the state of Texas.

Quality Design That Stands the Test of Time

We raise the bar for creativity and quality work, as well as for social, economic and environmentally sustainable design. We design each project like it’s going to be built right in our own backyard, taking time to help the community understand each project and the needs behind it. Always aiming for a higher standard, we create clear, comprehensive, correct designs with successful construction and durability in mind, creating long-lasting value for the communities where we also live and work.

Because we don’t like surprises – and know that our clients don’t either – our innovative value engineering approach results in efficient, cost-effective design and construction. Every aspect of the work we do is designed with the future in mind: The future of our communities, our business relationships, and the countless people who will benefit from the infrastructure we design to enhance their daily lives.

Building the Future of Civil Engineering

Our tight-knit team is cross-trained across multiple disciplines, so our clients can obtain the answers and assistance they need when they need them. Our expert team is registered with the Texas Board of Professional Engineers and Texas Society of Professional Surveyors, and holds multiple TxDOT pre-certifications.

Our Vision

To create an ever-increasing legacy of infrastructure improvements that will enhance the quality of life for generations to come.