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Company Culture

At Hayden we are committed to our employees, clients, projects, and communities. Our commitment starts with us internally creating and maintain a valuable company culture. Our culture is built on these four goals:

We Learn
We are always learning new things here at Hayden. You can find us at industry events learning about the most recent advancements in the engineering world. We hold memberships in multiple professional organizations and seek continued education and networking through these memberships. Our team is often asked to present at conferences, workshops, to clients, to cities and more. These learning opportunities provide our staff with the knowledge base needed to provide our clients with high quality projects and solutions.

We Grow
We work hard to motivate support each other by promoting a collaborative work environment. We work closely with each other to create innovation solutions for our clients. And when one of us is heading for a shortlist interview on a potential project, all of us line up and form a Spirit Tunnel to cheer that Hayden superstar on the way out the door. These aspects show us how important teamwork is, and we keep this in mind while working with our clients. We work with them to meet all their needs and exceed their expectations.

We Give Back
We also take time to give back to others. We organize volunteer opportunities, so we can dedicate time to giving back in our community by sorting food donations at local food banks, building houses for habitat for humanity, participating in community outreach to educate young people about the careers in civil engineering just to name a few.  We also fund a scholarship for civil engineering students at Texas A&M University and provides tuition reimbursement to our team seeking further education.

We Celebrate
We work hard and therefor like to celebrate our accomplishments. There’s usually a good chance that a celebration is about to happen – whether it’s a birthday lunch, a holiday office party, a project win, an individual employee achievement, such as passing the PE, or a Great Oreo Taste Test just because cookies are delicious. When the Dallas St. Patrick’s Day Parade passes by our office, you can bet our team will be out there, cheering right along.

Values and traditions like these make Hayden a special place to work, and we believe that an enjoyable, well-balanced company culture is one reason for our team’s longevity. After all, when our people love what they do and who they do it with, it’s reflected in the quality of the work we produce and the longstanding relationships that we build with each other and our clients.