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Company Culture

The Hayden Consultants team works hard, and we know how play hard, too. Our tight-knit group can turn any given workday into a good time, and so we’ve built a company culture that embraces fun at every turn. Walk into our pet-friendly office on any given day, and there’s a good chance you’ll be greeted by an employee’s furry friend. There’s also a good chance that a celebration is about to happen – whether it’s a birthday lunch, a holiday office party, or a Great Oreo Taste Test just because cookies are delicious.

When the Dallas St. Patrick’s Day Parade passes by our office, you can bet our team will be out there, cheering right along. And when one of us is heading for a shortlist interview on a potential project, all of us line up and form a Spirit Tunnel to cheer that Hayden superstar on the way out the door.

Traditions like these make Hayden a special place to work, and we believe that nurturing a fun company culture is one reason for our team’s longevity. After all, when our people love what they do and who they do it with, it’s reflected in the quality of the work we produce and the longstanding relationships that we build with each other and our clients.