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18th Street & Rigsbee Drive

Project Detailsx

Client: City of Plano
Job Status: Under Final Design
Location: Plano, Texas
Scope: Roadway Reconstruction
Services: Municipalities, Water Resources, SUE, Survey

Project Overviewx

The 18th Street and Rigsbee Drive project is nestled in the heart of east Plano and involves the reconstruction of over 5000 LF of neighborhood roadway reconstruction in east Plano.  Prior to design, Hayden performed a full drainage analysis of the project limits and the surrounding neighborhood to evaluate the existing drainage system and provide alignment options for the new one.  Hayden visited the project location and documented, both in dry weather and rain events, the existing runoff and outfall conditions of the system.  The alternatives Hayden provided, along with a detailed description of the existing hydrologic and hydraulic conditions, were summarized in a drainage report, and those alternatives included combinations of a detention pond, downstream channel improvements, and various pipe configurations within the public R.O.W.  Hayden also performed a detailed cost-benefit analysis for each alternative and used all the determined information to make a recommendation to the city staff.  The design that Hayden, with city staff input, chose was a larger pipe configuration that was more expensive but allowed a faster construction time.

Hayden also performed design on over 5000 LF of 8” water pipe and approximately 165 LF of 10” wastewater pipe within the project limits.  Along with the other utilities on the project, both municipal and franchise, Hayden created a detailed construction sequencing plan for the project.  The sequencing was designed to minimize impact to the large elementary school within the project limits during the school year and eliminate the need for detours as well as the use of temporary asphalt pavement.  Hayden also performed full topographic and boundary survey on this project.

In addition to the design of the full roadway reconstruction, this project also involves meeting with the elementary school representatives, creating flyers to be given to students to deliver to their parents regarding construction and supporting the city staff at the public meeting when it occurs.

Photos: Pre-Construction Site Visit