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2013 DWU Water & Wastewater Main Replacements

Photos: Pre-Construction Site Visit

Project Detailsx

Client: Dallas Water Utilities
Job Status: Under Final Design
Location: Dallas, Texas
Scope: Water and Wastewater Main Replacements
Services: Municipalities, SUE, Water Resources

Project Overviewx

Hayden is providing design, utility coordination, existing utility mapping, and traffic control plans of 20,213 LF of 8”-16” water main, and 26,030 LF of 8”-21” wastewater main replacements in 32 urban locations. For the Mountain Hollow locations, Hayden designed 1,445 LF of 18” interceptor with 1,206 LF 8” parallel submain. Of the 18” sewer line at 15’ – 25’ depth, 251 LF is designed for pipe bursting and 123 LF for boring.

Hayden is also providing project oversight and design coordination of multiple subconsultants. Hayden is overseeing Level B SUE for each location and reviewing the accuracy and completeness of Level A SUE provided by others. Franchise utility coordination is ongoing with Atmos Energy, Oncor, AT&T, Level 3, Verizon Business, TW Telecom, Time Warner Cable and XO Communications to develop comprehensive existing utility maps. The traffic control plans are being developed for specified locations, which includes ongoing coordination with the client’s traffic engineer utilizing the latest MUTCD Standards and TxDOT to ensure traffic control plans identify proper signage for safe vehicle maneuvers through high-density urban areas.