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Canada Drive

Photos: Pre-Construction Site Visit

Project Detailsx

Client: City of Dallas
Job Status: Under Final Design
Location: Dallas, Texas
Scope: Arterial Roadway Widening
Services: Municipalities, Water Resources, Green Infrastructure

Project Overviewx

The Canada Drive project involves arterial roadway reconstruction, sidewalk, LED lighting, designated bicycle lanes, streetscape and landscape amenities, drainage systems and a bridge structure spanning the Old Trinity River Channel. The project involved the replacement water lines and wastewater lines with appurtenance adjustments. Prior to the project kick-off, the Hayden staff members held an internal design challenge to brainstorm ideas for Low Impact Development (LID) design elements to include in the project. The internal finalists presented their ideas to the City of Dallas staff members where the following elements were selected to be designed: median bio-swales, rain gardens, roadway bump outs and drivable grass on-street parking.

In conjunction with the design of Canada Drive, Hayden Consultants created Low Impact Development construction standards to be included in the City of Dallas’ Standard Details. Hayden’s design team developed standards for vegetative median swales, rain gardens, tree box filters, roadside planters and roadway bump-outs as well as developed details for all the design components.

Hayden also created specialized training for the City of Dallas engineers, inspectors, and maintenance crews to show them how to use the details, review LID plans, inspect LID facilities during construction and maintain them after they have been installed.