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Keller Springs

Project Detailsx

Client: City of Dallas
Job Status: Completed 2016
Location: Dallas, Texas
Scope: Roadway Design, Property & Topographical Survey
Services: Municipalities

Project Overviewx

Hayden was responsible for designing the $1.1 million roundabout construction project at Keller Springs Road and Westgrove Drive.  The project included a preliminary roundabout feasibility study as well as community collector pavement with drainage design, enhanced pedestrian crossings, bicycle lane improvements, detailed grading design, and coordination with TxDOT, DART, and Dallas County.  As a part of this project Hayden also worked with, through multiple office and field visits, the neighborhood Home Owners Association and city staff to coordinate aesthetic elements and perform roundabout education.  During construction Hayden met the city staff and construction contractor in the field to discuss and adjust construction phasing and traffic control as well as to inspect the construction. 

Surveying Component 

Hayden provided additional survey to supplement the original survey performed by Dallas County three years prior to design as well as providing full boundary survey for the project. Hayden also performed three parcel takes; one was for a private property owner, one for DART and one for TxDOT. The TxDOT parcel take was used in the creating of a shared use agreement document describing the intersecting Right of Ways within the project limits. After project construction completion, Hayden verified the striping had been painted according to the plans to ensure safety for all multi-modal users.