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Riverfront Boulevard Reconstruction

Project Detailsx

Client: Dallas County
Job Status: Under Final Design
Location: Dallas, Texas
Scope: Arterial Roadway Reconstruction and Widening
Services: Municipalities, Water Resources, SUE, Survey, Green Infrastructure

Project Overviewx

The Riverfront Boulevard project reconstructs an existing 1.5-mile six-lane urban arterial incorporating context sensitive design, which integrates wider pedestrian sidewalks, designated bicycle lanes (cycle tracks) and accommodations for potential future streetcars through the entire project length, providing a complete multimodal facility. This project includes over 15,000 LF of water line replacement ranging in size from 8” to 42” and over 6,000 LF of wastewater design ranging in size 8” to 15” pipe. In addition to the roadway design, Hayden was responsible for storm drain design including over 1,000 LF of proposed 12’ x 12’ box, as well as storm drain improvements and replacements for the entire length of the project.

This also included analyzing 3800 LF of hydraulic capacity on existing 13’ horseshoe capacity analysis using SCS method hydrology to ensure proper conveyance. Various drainage improvement alternatives were developed to accommodate 100-year flood event. The recommended alternative was designed to convey the calculated discharge with 1,000 LF of parallel 12×12 box culvert with hydraulic connections periodically between the 13’ horseshoe and 12’ x 12’ box culvert, to equalize HGL’s between the structures.

This project involves extensive coordination with franchise utilities, multiple clients and adjacent large-scale projects including the Trinity Parkway, the Woodall Rodgers extension and the IH30 Pegasus Project. The Riverfront Boulevard project also includes sustainable design concepts such as enhanced median bio-swales and bio-retention.

Cost Savings

The project initially had an identifiable funding of $45 million, however at the preliminary submittal the project costs had risen to $60 million. Due to the economic downturn, Hayden went back to the design and identified possible savings and made recommendations to the client. Within the wastewater design the savings included a complete redirection of the wastewater lines to eliminate two siphons for gravity lines. Not only was this a savings in construction cost but also provided savings in maintenance costs. To provide additional project savings, Hayden identified construction locations for future wastewater lines, to be implemented during this project, to avoid conflicts with critical underground structures.

Photo: Project Rendering