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Green Infrastructure

Hayden Consultants is a leader in the movement towards Green Infrastructure in North Texas.  Green Infrastructure design is an innovative method of efficiently managing storm water while incorporating the natural environment.  The intent behind Green Infrastructure (also referred to as Low Impact Development, or LID) is to mimic pre-development drainage patterns.  By doing so, the rate of runoff can be slowed, allowing for more infiltration of storm water runoff into the natural environment.  Hayden Consultants understands the benefit and importance of a more sustainable storm water infrastructure design as it improves the quality of our waterways and quality of life.  Studies have shown that Green Infrastructure facilities can treat the first 1” of runoff, which typically contains 90% of pollutants in the water.  The ability to remove up to 90% of pollutants before the water reaches our water bodies is incredibly beneficial in improving the quality of water, minimizing pollutant levels downstream and reducing runoff.

Hayden Staff has been trained in Green Infrastructure design by attending various conferences, webinars, and training sessions.  At these events, our engineers have discussed common successes and challenges with other professionals, especially lessons learned. In turn, Hayden staff have shared their knowledge of Green Infrastructure in the following ways:

  • Hosted a webinar on Green Infrastructure (2017)
  • Presented at ASCE Dallas Technical Session (2016)
  • Presented at ASCE Dallas-Ft. Worth Joint Meeting Technical Session (2018)
  • Presented at the EPA Region 6 Stormwater Conference (2016)
  • Given a Poster Presentation at the EWRI LID International Conference (2016)
  • Presented at various North Texas municipalities
  • Participated in regional Green Infrastructure design challenges
  • Facilitated two in-house Green Infrastructure design challenges for local projects.

Hayden Consultants was the prime consultant of the design team that created the City of Dallas Low Impact Development Standard Construction details, which is to be incorporated in the revised 251-D Standard Construction Details set.  In conjunction with the development of the details, the Hayden Consultants team hosted training presentations for the engineering and maintenance staff at the City of Dallas covering the details and how they can be incorporated into municipal projects.

Hayden Consultants used these standard construction details in the design of Canada Drive located in the City of Dallas (see Canada Drive link for more information).  The Canada Drive project features median bioswales, raingardens in mid-block bump-outs, and permeable grass pavers for on-street parallel parking.  The Canada Drive project is adjacent to the Trinity River, so it is especially important that the storm water is treated before outfalling directly into the river sump.

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