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In fully developed urban areas and constantly changing utility relocations, an accurate base map of the existing underground conditions is critical to a successful design and construction project. Hayden has developed an effective working relationship with franchise utility companies in the DFW area based on our extensive utility coordination efforts with municipal clients. We have SUE and UC experts on staff with more than 40 years combined industry experience in over 20 municipalities and 25 TxDOT Districts. Hayden uses the utility quality levels defined in the ASCE 38-02: “Standard Guidelines for the Collection and Depiction of Existing Subsurface Utility Data,” and they are as follows: Quality Level D (Records Research); Quality Level C (Visible Surface Features); Quality Level B (Designating); and Quality Level A (Locating). Hayden owns all equipment necessary to provide complete SUE services, and we have an experience field coordinator capable of managing multiple crews and schedules.


  • One (1) Vactron HTV573 PTO S/N TBD – Vacuum Excavation Equipment
  • One (1) CS Unitech Diamond Core Drill – 3-SPEED, High-Torque – Holes up to 14” Diameter
  • One (1) Radiodetection RD1500 GRP with
  • Large Wheel Set and Mains Lead
  • Two (2) Radiodetection RD8100 MARKER
  • Two (2) Receiver, RD8100
  • Two (2) Metrotech 810 Classic
  • Two (2) Receiver, VM-810
  • Two (2) Clamp, Inductive, 4”
  • Two (2) Transmitter, 10-watt
  • Two (2) Clamp, Inductive, 5”
  • Two (2) Easy Locator Metal Detector, Traffic
  • Safety Equipment

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