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Hayden’s surveying services range from typical boundary and topographic surveys to detailed high definition laser scanning topography. All surveying is supervised by a Registered Professional Land Surveyor (RPLS) registered with the Texas Board of Professional Surveying and will conform to all standards set forth by that agency.  Our project experiences range from municipal streets and facilities to educational facilities and parks.

Important factors when providing professional land surveying services include providing a rapid response to all requests and providing the capability and flexibility to meet varying levels of effort and schedules. To that end, all projects begin with a kick-off meeting where the project manager details the scope and schedule of the project to all task leads, field coordinators, crew chiefs and office personnel. Communicating the expectations of the project to all key staff optimizes each individual’s contribution on the project.

Hayden’s survey crews are fully equipped to provide accurate, thorough, and complete collections of survey data. Crews utilize the latest GPS equipment, with digital electronic total stations, interfaced with an electronic data collector. We have extensive experience utilizing various Virtual Reference Systems and our team structure enables us to deliver the most accurate and timely results for your project. By utilizing our effective management, coordination, and surveying capabilities the Hayden Team will provide accurate data delivery with the most advanced technology, ensuring your project is a success.


  • 2 Leica TS 12 Robotic Total Stations
  • 2 Leica MS50 Robotic Total Station/Scanner
  • 4 Leica Viva GS14 GPS Receivers
  • 2 Leica CS15 Data Collectors
  • 2 Leica Captivate CS20 Collector
  • 1 Leica Sprinter digital level

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